tl;dr - Latitude is a low code data apps platform. It allows you to connect your data sources and start building your data apps without spending any dev time on data connectors, storage, or pipelines. But if you already have a data stack, you can seamlessly connect to Latitude too. On top of that, Latitude is now enhanced with an AI SQL assistant that gets you from zero to insight in minutes.

Act today, not next quarter

Latitude was born with a clear focus: help companies extract value from data by improving the way you interact with it. Our team has worked (and struggled) with data for years now, and we are aware of the day-to-day challenges and issues that technical teams have been facing when it comes to working with data.

Different spreadsheet versions, manually connecting databases, fragmented data, building and maintaining pipelines, crashed BI reports, never-ending requests in queue… you name it. All of these scenarios make getting value out of data incredibly slow and inefficient.

We firmly believe that the biggest value of data interaction comes from how fast you can answer a question with reliable data. People at companies need to make decisions. Based on data. Today. Not next quarter.

Data “duties” end up more often than not at the Tech team’s table. And developers are busy with guess what… making sure the roadmap is happening and that all systems are up and running. It’s hard to navigate this sea of changing priorities and make sure that everything works fine.

That’s why any major improvement in the data process can save tons of dev resources and accelerate the decision-making inside an organization. And today, Latitude is happy to announce a major one with our new SQL AI Assistant.


Introducing the new AI SQL Assistant

We get it. Every other day, a new AI-based product comes from nowhere with the promise of “revolutionizing the way you do X or Y”. But in this case, it’s true. If you’ve been using Github Copilot for the last few months, we bet that you’ll be using this one too.

Some CTOs or Engineering Leads are not writing SQL queries every day. Some people in Product or Marketing know a few SQL functions here and there but they are not fluent. In all of these cases, data exploration takes longer than expected. But now, with our new AI SQL Assistant, these processes will be faster.

Latitude’s AI SQL Assistant uses Open AI’s GPT-3 Models to suggest code and entire SQL functions in real-time, based on your prompts and right from your data project canvas. Let’s see some examples of what you can achieve with it.

You need to filter the records on one of your tables by score, but you don’t feel like typing the whole query:

Or let’s say you have a table with your Net Promoter Score data, and you want to quickly calculate the average score. Just ask our AI Assistant and the query will be there:

From zero to insight in minutes

1. Sign up for an account

You can sign up and try Latitude without any commitment. It’s completely free, and no credit card is required. As simple as that.

2. Connect your Data Sources

Latitude connects to your database, data warehouse, and other data sources such as Google Sheets or your CRM. More than 100 data sources are supported.

The cool thing is that you can join multiple data sources in the same data exploration. Let’s say you want to create a table that merges data from your production database in PostgreSQL and your Hubspot CRM. That’s possible with Latitude.

3. Start exploring your data

With Latitude, teams can unlock the power of data through our AI SQL Assistant, manually writing SQL queries and visual programming on an infinite canvas.

4. Visualize your data

At Latitude, explore and visualize data simultaneously in one convenient place. Pick between charts or tables to add them directly to your canvas for effortless integration. Now your organization can start making the right decisions and moving forward.

What’s next?

We are barely scratching the surface of the possibilities of AI applied to data exploration and analytics. Our team is working hard on finding and developing new ways to use artificial intelligence in this landscape, so you can benefit from it and spend your time where’s most convenient.

At the end of the day, we keep thinking about the following question: What can we do so our users are able to answer questions with reliable data faster than ever before? And also they can do it without spending huge dev resources and time in the process.
That’s our commitment, so stay tuned to see upcoming developments with AI in SQL from Latitude. And we are always open to getting feedback from our users.

You can try Latitude today completely free and reach out to us here.

Write Faster SQL With AI

Latitude’s AI SQL Assistant uses Open AI’s GPT-3 Models to suggest code and entire SQL functions in real-time, based on your prompts and right from your data project canvas.